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In this area you will be able too see all the packages I have to offer. When you view the package you will see how many digitals are included along with if any products. If you would like more images either digital or albums you can always add that on to the package that you have chosen! If you feel you cannot afford the package that you desire, we do have pre-payment plans for these packages.

Package Information 

Portraiture packages are most commonly used for Couples, Maternity & Family. These packages tell you the total products received. If you would like more than what's in the package you can always add that to it as an add on!

My add ons for these packages are:


Additional Gallery of Digital Images

Flat-lay Albums

I do accept Pre Payment plans on packages over $250, so that way even if you are on a tight budget you still get the package that you want!

Invest in what's important


Outdoor Lifestyle


This session includes an hour of shooting time before sunset, styling assistance, access to client closet, Professional make up for momma, and a hand edited gallery of around 40 high resolution images and printing permissions



This session includes an hour of shooting time before sunset, styling assistance, and a hand edited gallery of around 40 high resolution images and printing permissions.


Extended Family

This session includes up to two hours of shooting time before sunset, styling assistance, and a hand edited gallery of around 75 high resolution images and printing permissions.


Studio Lifestyle


This session includes an hour of shooting timet, styling assistance, and a hand edited gallery of around 40 high resolution images and printing permissions.



Do you instruct posing?

A.Yes I do, but I also love to do some candids with family and children. I love to produce images that have an emotion. Meaning although you may be "posed" you don't always have to stay very very still unless asked to do so.

Will there be a second shooter?

A.Not currently. It will just be me unless need to hire a second shooter. Often my boyfriend is my second hand man and tags along incase I need something or to help me show you a pose, but he will not be taking your images.

How long will it take to get my photos?

A.The package that you chose will determine the turn around time. If it's a smaller session, your wait time will be less. Normally I'll have a few sneak peaks up on my gallery for you to view and share either the day after or so. I then do basic editing to all the good quality images. Normally that takes me about a week, larger sessions or events it could take longer. Once finished with that is when you select what ones you would like best out of the amount that you get out of your package. After that I will fully edit the images you chose to what I find artistically pleasing and present the final images you wanted. They will then be available for download on a link that I will send you. Depending on the package this could take 2-4 weeks for final images. Normally it isn't closer to the 4 week mark.

How do you prefer to communicate?

A.I prefer to Email, but I can do phone call and text depending on the situation. Contacting and making sure everything is explained and all questions are answered is what matters most to me.

Do I have to order prints through you?

A.Yes, unless given a print release, I don't release all sizes in print release.

Do you deliver raw or unedited files?

A.No. I do not deliver raw or unedited files, not unless I am contacted about being a second photographer for another company and we have a signed contract stating that.

Do I own copyright to images once deliver to me?

A.No, copyright is owned by the photographer. The Digital images that I provide are for personal use only, for things such as social media, Electronic l photo album etc. Unless given a print release, you cannot print images. Personal use means that you cannot make money off of images and only you the client can post your images that you given/ purchased within that session package. If a family member would like digital copies of the images as well, they can contact me and purchase digital copies of the images they would like if you signed the model release. Otherwise they can share from your gallery on my website to their social media location. Unless purchased, images from my online gallery are for viewing purposes only.

How do I get my photos?

A.You will get a link to a album that you can easily download from for the Digitals, Prints will be delivered to your door.

How far in advance should I book?

A.I ask that you try to book at least a month out from the date you contacted me and determined you would like for me to capture your memories and moments.

Am I allowed to put my photos online?

A.The digital copies of the images you get are allowed to be used for online personal use for things like social media. The images are not to be altered other than a required crop for example profile image or instagram. You cannot give your digital copies to anyone else. If you signed a model release, they can come to me and obtain their own copies for personal use only.

Do you do black and white photos?

A.If you request it, yes I can do the images in the album black and white.

How do I book a date?

A.Once you fill out the contact form, I will either call you or send you a email. We can then look to see when I have an opening that fits your schedule. After that I will need you to pay your retainer for that date and sign the contract. The retainer is non-refundable. Then you're booked for your session! It's as easy as that!

How much retouching do you do?

A.For the images that you chose for your package, I try to take any objects out that will be distracting, pimples etc. I then get the color and tones the way I would like the images to be that would be pleasing in my eyes. If I cannot do something, I send it over to a second person who specializes in retouching etc.

Are you able to shoot in the dark or dark environments ?

A.Often I shoot at golden hour, a hour or so before nighttime. Sometimes the process can go into the night but that is very unlikely and I don't try to shoot in the dark. I can if it's absolutely necessary.

What if I am running late?

A.Often I try to give a little time for when the shoot is suppose to start, about 15 minutes. If you're not at the location come 15 minutes after the session is to begin then we will have to reschedule. I often tell people to try to be 15 minutes early to the shoot so that way I can get to know you better in person. So if the shoot for example is at 6, I ask that we meet at 5:30-5:45pm.

Please note that if you are running late, the time missed is taken out of the time of the session and that impacts the quantity of images you will receive.

Can we do multiple locations?

A.I only offer one shooting location currently. However you can choose from three locations that I shoot at.

What form of payment do you accept?

A.I accept debit/credit card, PayPal, Facebook pay, Walmart money orders and Cash.

Whats your payment structure?

A.It's very simple.
The retainer is due first.
You then pay the rest before the photoshoot begins .
Then you get to choose your favorite images within the package limit online so there isn't a sitting fee.
If you would like more than what is included in the package you may select those at this time as well, they will be added on as an add on of $12.00 per image.
Once images are ready for you, you pay the remaining amount before being allowed to view and download your images.

Do I have to sign model release?

A.No, I will never force someone to sign it. It is a plus though, because then I can post them for family and friends to view and perhaps even get a copy for themselves if you didn't purchase a print release. However, if you don't want anyone else to view the images other than yourself on my online gallery. I suggest you don't sign it. If you would like family and friends able to view the full gallery on my website and being able to share it or a possibility for someone like mom, dad, grandma, grandpa etc to obtain some prints for themselves etc. then I'd suggest that you do sign it. It's all up to you on what you're most comfortable with.

What do you wear to the shoot?

A.I will wear something appropriate for the shoot. Often I will have flat shoes on and clothing that is appropriate for movement and will look like every day wear with a dash of style. That way I can be sure that my clothing is not restricting my ability to produce quality images. Come winter time or cooler weather I will wear a coat etc.

Do you work off of a shot list?

A.Depending on the session yes, but I do tend to tweak it to make sure I get the shots that will be the best. I try to focus more on capturing emotions than the poses themselves. So yes you will be posed but I will be asking you to do things during those poses to capture the emotions within that moment.

What should I wear for the shoot?

A.I ask that you wear something comfortable and fit for the location/season as these most of my sessions are done outdoors. I also ask that you please don't wear flashy patterns and its not a need for your outfits to match but if that's something that you would like to do you can totally match your outfits. A little pointer is if you want more moody colors for your images wear darker colors, if you would like brighter images more calm pastel colors. like a creamy pink or light mint green etc.

What if my kids have a meltdown?

A.We will work through this. I am a parent as well and I completely understand that kids have meltdowns. We can focus on a different thing or even take a small break for about five minutes and let them run and play. Then try it again. Often I will try to speak to them respectfully if at a appropriate age and let them know that mommy/daddy is here to have fun with them and that's what matters most. So the sooner they can smile the sooner they get to have fun!

What's your refund policy ?

A.Only the final image package you choose is refundable. Everything else you are paying for my time and services such as holding the date and making sure that no one takes the date and time you booked. Taking the images, posing you, and editing the images etc.

Although I have never had someone ask for a refund!

Although I try really hard to keep this site up-to-date with the latest availability, pricing, and descriptions. I cannot guarantee any information displayed on the site. Information is subject to change without notice. To get the most current information please contact us.


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